WikiLeaks, ARK and The Malaysian Financial Hack

One of the most important thing for anyone in the world today, is owning responsibility for their actions.  This can prove quite difficult in situations where one is at fault, or incorrect about something.  Fear of the proverbial foot in mouth tends to lead us to denial spinning off into a wild assortment of lies and deceit to protect something which is all about perception – pride.  Well ARK is having none of it.

In our official statement about the Malaysian Financial Hack, and a recent interview by GEAS Volunteer J.F. Pickard we claimed no responsibility for the recent security breach.  We maintained that there was no connection between ARK and hackers, and denied that the person in question was an ARK member.  We’re going to recant that statement, but it should be noted that in doing so we are in fact reinforcing our open sense of organization.

We now have reason to believe the person in custody may in fact be a member of ARK.  In his first public statement he said that before turning himself in he had passed on documents obtained during the breach to WikiLeaks, and a piece of media summarizing it all had been passed on to be dropped in the The Repository.  Late last night we received that piece of media and accept it as proof that the person in question is indeed connected to ARK.

That said, our early denials were because of the fact that this person (or these people) were not told to do this work for ARK, but did so of their own initiative.  Their decision to use The Repository as a drop for their media is a testament about their view of their work as falling under the umbrella ‘art’.  There was long discussion about whether ARK agreed that it is indeed art, the result of which was yes.

Since the media was dropped in The Repository a court has ordered the whistleblower site WikiLeaks to be shut down, based on a request from the Time News Corporation.  WikiLeaks is hard at work on an appeal to have these documents publicly released.  In the meantime the media is still in The Repository where it can currently be viewed by members of ARK and will soon be made available to the public when we open up the drop next month.

[Note: As of writing this we are considering changing the date for publicizing The Repository.  Stay tuned to the site for more details.]


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