Too Much Organization

Going public is a tedious process of organization the likes of which we have never had need for before.  Organization in ARK has always been rather loose and temporary, most often at the minimal requirement being organizing yourself as an artist.  The Repository has always existed as a resource for the public, but coming now to the point in time when we can realize that part of the ARK vision, that has a lot of responsibility, responsibility best handled in an organized manner.

The recent announcement by GEAS has raised the importance of going public.  First there is our style of organization and what it has been able to accomplish.  By example, before The Repository was even created, an ARK member wrote a short story called NSA – No Starving Artist.  It tells the story of a young boy raised on a farm who lives for painting, but has family obligations that take his time away.  He tells his father that he wants to go to go to the city to be an artist.  His father tells him the only thing he’ll learn about art from the city is how to starve.  That what he’ll learn from being on the farm will mean he’ll never have to go hungry.  The artist lives inside and will always find its voice.  It will be most thankful that the hands which are used to create the art are also the hands that feed the muse.

Unfortunately, it won’t be included in The Repository as the author has not made it so available.  But in the early days of ARK it was taken to heart.  And so members of ARK worldwide really made it a point then to become sustainably self sufficient.  Today many of us house other ARK members who come to learn how to be self-sufficient themselves.  It isn’t really an organized effort but it works just as effectively.  The only organization is organizing oneself to make the personal commitment.  Even if you don’t house other ARK members just that commitment to feed the muse.  It’s powerful.

It’s not just learning how to farm mind you.  Its regionally based, so its about knowing what is around you.  What is already being produced.  What can be produced.  What is can be produced that needs to be produced.  And most importantly how you can fit into it all.  That sounds very organized but believe us when we say, its more about personal passion than organizational directives.

We’re talking with ARK members about making this network open to the public.  It may not be much in terms of the numbers we’d be able to accommodate, but where there is room we would like to make it available to anyone wanting to learn.  ARK members we’re still plotting locations so if you feel you are available for this type of service leave a message with your location and how many you think you can manage.  If you are not a member of ARK follow up here in the coming weeks for more information on the network.  In the meantime even if you are not a member of ARK, if you are in a sustainable location and can facilitate the resources to help others learn how to provide food for themselves, leave a message in the comments and we will be in touch with you.

Another resource that has grown out of our lack of organization is the manner by which we share resources.  One of our members was a network specialist and built a server farm which we use partially for The Repository (caching all of the drop data), but also for our Cached Web Archive.  Since 2014 ARK members have been saving relevant information through diigo which is then cached on our servers.  In terms of capacity the Cached Web Archive is twice the size of The Repository.  Within it are some amazing resources dealing directly with the issues raised by the GEAS report.  And so we’ve started tasking out the selection of relevant work from the Cached Web Archive to share.  We’ll be updating this space regularly with some of the things we find, or join us on diigo.

Additionally we’ve created groups for each of the superthreats (Quarantine, Ravenous, Generation Exile, Power Struggle, Outlaw Planet) into which we will add resources appropriate to the threat.  We encourage everyone to contribute any information they may have, as we’ve come to find  pooled resources are often more resourceful than we can do on our own.

On top of all of that is the work going into the first public release of The Repository. It promises to be quite a collection, which of course requires organization, but perhaps, in our own ARK way, does not.  Stay tuned.


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