Dealing With The Media

Media Map by brian holmes

Remember the good old days when there were seven media giants that controlled just about everything that could be considered mainstream media?  Yes, the good old days.  Good because back then you could at least pretend that since there were seven of them it was fair and balanced.  Today like a ‘good democracy’ there’s only two choices – VVSD (Viacom Vivendi Sony Disney) or Time News (Time Warner, News Corp, Bertelsmann), both of whom have holdings so braod that they aren’t even opposites, but merely more of the same.  That same of course being paid entertainment.

They don’t seem to get the fact that people don’t want to pay for embeded ads from advertisers that pay.  You think they would have got it during the decline of television, but rather than cut their losses and come up with something better they pooled their resources and set their fangs on the net, attempting to control not just access but content, in much the same way they did the broadcast spectrum.  Little did they know a P2P shortwave radio experiment in Brazil would snowball into the technology that practically freed the internet to anyone willing to solder some wires.

Of course that didn’t stop them, they just got the lawmakers to make shortwave net illegal.  But downloading cable shows was illegal too wasn’t it.  And as people learned what they were getting for their paid internet services, the shortwave version, as illegal as it might have been, became far more attractive.

Of course not everyone indulges in lay-illegal activities.  There are a good number of consumers who are tethered to their VVSD Time News media, not because they feel its credible, but because they believe the message that it is their only choice.  They believe the media when they say people steal identities using the illegal nets, despite the fact that the biggest identity theft in history was a hack into the Time News subscriber list.  They hold on to their audience with fear, where they used to at least give the illusion of credibility.  The credibility factor of the Big Two today has been completely lost.

Take the recent GEAS announcement, fifteen years ago they would have set up a press conference with all the major news outlets, giving exclusive interviews to the morning show with the highest rating, and then appearing on all the other morning shows the following week, the main purpose, to drive up ad sales.  This when there was a clear separation between content and advertisement.  Today even the news is a series of product placements.  But that is beyond the point.

The point is GEAS didn’t need that.  They put the message out there themselves because it was the message that was the most important.  Of course you can tune into any of the hundreds of sponsored VVSD / Time News outlets right now and start getting their sponsored spin with teams of experts etc. but why would you need to?  The experts have already spoken.  The time for debating for profit is in the past, now is the time to begin taking responsibility for our actions.

We raise this now because shortly after the GEAS announcement, a Time News reporter extended an offer to do an interview with a member of ARK for a segment they are doing on the Outlaw Planet Superthreat.  We of course turned the offer down.  Yes we are going public, but no we do not believe all publicity is good publicity, especially when others stand to profit from it.  ARK is not to be your morning show entertainment while some fanatic yells off a bunch of lies and cuts to commercial before we can have a word.  Let them do that without us.  And we trust they will be doing that, but is that what you’ll be paying attention too?  We sure hope not.

We do know that there is a lot of interest in ARK, and so the idea of an outside interviewer has some appeal.  But it would have to be on open terms.  So if there are any independent journalist who are interested in a possible interview with ARK leave a message here and we’ll contact you.  Even if you aren’t a journalist, if you have a question, leave it in the comments and we’ll see what we can do to address it.

As for the Big Two, 43 years ago a screenwriter put it best:


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