In the past our membership has grown solely through word of mouth, which has been effective.  Our membership now stretches across the globe in numbers some might find astonishing.  Well, the exact number of members is not quite known, but there’s a reason for that – no one is responsible for counting them.  There has never even been an ARK organized event, real or virtual, where a headcount could even be made.  And there are no directives from higher ups that members have to follow.  All members of ARK act of their own inspiration.

Philosophically we are organized like the fictional Odonians.  Each member is responsible for their own work, and in maintaining that responsibility are representative of the whole.  Members may come together in a collaboration but only by mutual consent not prearranged organization.  In fact the only organized effort in ARK is the Repository.

Some may find this hard to believe.  A collective that has sustained it self for the past six years without any organization?  The social organism we live in tells us, ‘that’s impossible,’ and out of that impossibility the imagination fills in fantastic blanks as to what one thinks ARK really is.  The most fantastic of those, and so naturally the one the media loves to put out, is that we are terrorists hackers, hell bent on bringing down civilization.  More than one black hat hack has seen blame pointed at ARK, until the real culprits are actually caught.  Interestingly enough though, no one ever issues an apology.

It is in part to dispel these myths that we have decided to publicize some works from The Repository.  It should be said that not all of the members are in agreement about going public.  This process alone is making it pretty clear that our methods of non-organization are much better.  Still we all do agree that something needs to be done to ensure the safety of The Repository and being open about it seems to be the most viable option.

In our most recent discussion of this new public phase of ARK it was raised that if we really are to dispel those myths not only must the work be open but indeed the access to the collective as well.  Turn a phrase, if you can’t beat them, invite them.  In other words we are opening up our membership.

Some are concerned that doing this opens us up to those that would wish us harm.  Others say that the vary nature of our organization makes it impossible for one to do harm even if they so desired.  The worst any individual could do would be to publicize works from the Repository, and we’re already planning to do that.  So, we move forward with the open membership, but with precaution.

If you are genuinely interested in joining ARK, the one benefit of doing so being the ability to contribute your art to the Repository, you will need to find your way to an invitation in a virtual drop located in a real location.  You can search for the drop here.  The following is a clue to the location of that drop, borrowed from those fantastically filled in blanks:

Clue:  Seven years to the month after the most incredible terrorist attack of modern history, the most incredible hack of modern history was executed by a group that went by a number (that is not the clue).  The drop is located at the target of that hack, and will be easiest to find with the proper Longitude and Latitude coordinates.

UPDATE: If you look in the comments section there is a hint to help with finding the drop location. You’ll still need the Longitude and Latitude though.


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