Philosophically we are organized like the fictional Odonians. Each member is responsible for their own work, and in maintaining that responsibility are representative of the whole. Members may come together in a collaboration but by mutual consent not by prearranged organization. In fact the only organized effort in ARK is the Repository.

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Courts, The Repository and Following the Money

It would seem WikiLeaks has lost its appeal protecting documents acquired during the recent security breach at the Malaysian Republican Bank. That said because the court ruling has no legal grounds on The Repository, we feel it is our public responsibility to release the media we have received.

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ARK (Art Replacing Knowledge) was founded as a global arts collective in 2013.  As the social balance became more and more volatile, the value of art shifted from the public to privatized interests.  Artists were no longer driven by their responsibility to the muse or society but rather by the will of their funding sponsors.  An artist without backing was marginalized to obscurity, and those with funding were obligated to follow the ‘company’ line.  The social value of arts was reduced to entertainment and its success measured by its monetary popularity. People turned away from the arts as a solution, regarding them instead as an escape, and the artists as escapists.  And so, the members of ARK started the movement to escape.  Not literally, but through artistic metaphor.
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